Check Out Issues / Credit Card Errors at PayPal

Occasionally a customer will get an error message while completing a purchase at PayPal. 99.9% of the time, the problem is incorrectly entered credit card information.

You must enter your credit card information (name, address, zipcode, etc) exactly as it appears on your credit card statement or PayPal will NOT approve your transaction.

Example #1: If your credit card uses a PO Box for the billing address, do not enter your street address instead.

Example #2: If you have recently moved, you may have neglected to update your credit card address in which case you'll need to enter your old billing address when checking out at PayPal.

Example #3: If you have a PayPal account and login, but choose to pay with your credit card instead of a bank transfer, your credit card billing address needs to agree with what PayPal has on file.