Customer Testimonials

MrTrain helps the Tooth Fairy:

Thanks so VERY MUCH for all of your help. It's very kind of you.My almost 6 year old saw these telephone poles last night & went bananas. He has LOVED trains for a few years now...he has an electric train & does very well with it... we try & add pieces as we go...(this train thing is expensive. ;) I just ordered. I decided to order 3 sets...this all started over him losing a tooth last night. He was scared to death... I told him if he pulled it that the tooth fairy may just bring him enough money on top of the money he already had saved he could buy his poles. He woke me up this morning at 6am to tell me the tooth fairy had left him $10.00.....he then followed it up by saying...Mom, did you order my poles with YOUR money? I want to keep my money. He's a mess. He'll run to the mail box every day after school until they arrive. You do wonderful work & I thank you so much for taking the time & being so patient with me. I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Kindest regards~


Hello mrtrain,

Thought I'd comment on your "O" gauge train shelves......About 4-5(?) weeks ago I purchased 8 sections of your 4' shelving. Finally got around to putting them up about a week or so ago. I'm really pleased with these shelves and would most certainly recommend them to others. They are EZ to install, look great and keep my trains secured safely. I'm sure, properly fastened to the wall, these things would easily hold 50+ pounds.

You have a really great product here. Good luck and Happy New Year from one very pleased customer....



Hi Mr Train,

I wanted to share a few pictures of the custom RR bridge that you designed and built for me. As you can see it fits perfectly in the opening without any shims needed. It looks fantastic and is perfectly scaled for O-gauge trains. As usual, you have done an excellent job and the price was more than fair. I certainly look forward to doing more business with you in the future.


Meine Herr Alan,

"Alles ist wunderbah!"

The bridges that I ordered arrived this afternoon.... and they're beautiful. I have absolutely no regrets what-so-ever in doing business with you. The craftsmanship shown in each and every single one of my bridges is fantastic. I must say, I've never had a span that looked quite so gorgeous before. Their is little doubt to my mind that they will become the main focal-point of my new layout. Next on my list are some of your Telephone Poles and Tree's.

So until then,

Paul David Helgeson


Hello MrTrain!

The coal bin I got from you looks great. It is perfectly scaled to fit my OF-gauge steamers and really fits in well on my layout. The bin looks very authentic and is solidly constructed. It is a very nice addition. Thanks,




The pair of red Bridge Piers you made for me look authentic, work excellent and truly enhance my Lionel-O-Gauge-Fastrack layout. Thanks for your fine service and fast shipping!!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!!!! Sincerely,

Kris, Brandon, FL



Thank you very much for the excellent product and service. The shelves are ideal for my collection of o gauge trains. They install easy and can hold the weight of any diesel or steam engine. I like that the shelves can be placed against each other to make an unlimited shelf length, or the shelves can be cut for custom fitting. Thanks for a great product for the train room.

Joe Zanca Northbridge, MA